About Mollie


Mollie is an award winning St. Louis artist. She divides her time between teaching, doing art fairs, and exhibiting her work in various shows and galleries. Check her out on social media, or subscribe to her newsletter for more information.

inspired by Dali's "The Burning Giraffe"

inspired by Dali's "The Burning Giraffe"

What makes great art? According to Mollie, it's art that you've made a connection with. Art can be so much more than paint on a canvas, it can convey a meaning, thought, or tell a story. This is evidenced in her piece "Cy Bighorn - Big Top Ringleader" where she encourages the viewer to see beyond the "monster" to a handsome man (modeled after a famous actor - can you guess who?) with a lovely family.

The works of Salvador Dali have always resonated with Mollie. She's been enchanted with Surrealism since the first time she saw 'The Burning Giraffe'. It sparked all sorts of ponderings "Why does she have drawers? What is in those drawers? Why is that poor giraffe on fire?" Where Dali was interested in dreams and the meanings behind them, Mollie takes things in the real world and turns them upside down and inside out to make a point or invoke thought.

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